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100% CO2 + 25% O2 Monitor Logger - NEMA4

100% CO2 + 25% O2 Monitor Logger - NEMA4

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CM-0054 100% CO2 + 25% O2
CM-0053 30% CO2 + 25% O2

The DLI CO2 and Oxygen Combination Monitor and Data Logger is designed measure, log and control both carbon dioxide and oxygen levels drawn from a gas source. This makes it useful for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) applications, incubation, fermentation or for bench-top gas analysis. It features a built-in sampling pump, real-time LCD readout, and built-in data logging. The iSense can be easily calibrated using fresh air.

  • MAP or CAS Monitoring and gas supply control
  • Incubation and fermentation monitoring and control
  • Science Research Projects
  • Environmental Safety Monitoring

Building on our knowledge of gas sensing technology this unit combines a high-accuracy NDIR CO2 sensor with an ultra-stable Zirconia O2 sensor to provide accurate measurements of both of the detectable major atmospheric composition gases.

Built-in data logging memory can store up to 60,000 time-stamped CO2 and oxygen levels at a user-configured time interval. In addtion, the iSense is designed to be calibrated using ambient (normal outdoor) air.


Outputs: 4-20mA or RS-485 MODBUS (M12 Connector only)
Relay: 1A dry contact controls CO2 or as alarm signal (M12 Connector only)
Power Requirements: 24VDC
Weather Proof Connectors
Built-in 10,000 hour gas micro-sampling pump

Oxygen Sensor
Measurement Range: 0 – 25%
Sensing Method: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
Sampling Method: sample draw 300 ml/ min
Response Time: 4 seconds
Sensitivity: ± 20 ppm ± 1 % of measured value
Accuracy: 2% full scale
Resolution: 100ppm
Pressure Range: 500 mbar to 3,000 mbar

CO2 Sensor
Measurement Range: CM-0054:100% CM-0053:30%
Sensor Type: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Sampling Method: Sample draw 300 ml/min
Accuracy: ± 0.2% vol. CO2 ± 3% of measured value
Sensor Life Expectancy: > 15 years
Self-Diagnostics: complete function check of the sensor module