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16-Channel Multifunction Data Logger w/ 200 kS/s Sampling Rate

16-Channel Multifunction Data Logger w/ 200 kS/s Sampling Rate



Measurement Computing Logger with 500 Volts DC Isolation on 16 Digital Inputs and 4 Counter Channels


  • (16) Single-Ended Analog Inputs, (16) Isolated Digital Inputs and (4) Quadrature Counter Inputs
  • ±1 Volt, ±5 Volts, ±10 Volts and ±30 Volts Analog Input Measurement Ranges
  • SD Card for Data Storage and Loading Configuration Data onto Logger
  • 500 Volt DC Isolation Between All Analog, Digital Inputs and the Host PC
  • Powered by 9 to 30 Volt External Power Adapter


Logging Rate 200 kHz (Maximum)
Mechanical Shock Operating: 50 g, 3 msec half sine; 30 g, 11 msec half sine; 3 hits per face for a total of 18 hits (18 hits at 50 g, 18 hits at 30 g) 
Standard: IEC 60068-2-27
Random Vibration Frequency: 10 to 500 Hz 
Vibration Level: 5 grms
Test Time: 100 Minutes/axis
Standard: IEC 60068-2-64
Memory Card Type: SD Memory Card 
Storage Capacity: 32 GB (Max)
4GB SD Memory Card Included
One Touch
Logging Controls
Configuration Loading from SD Memory Card
Start/Stop Logging
Force Trigger/User Event
Device Reset
Control of Status LEDs
LEDs Instant Logging
Tigger Status
Activity State
Power 9 Volt to 30 Volt External Power Supply
Operating Range Temperature: 0 to 55°C
Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Storage Range Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
OS Compatibility Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2+ (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
Dimensions 241.30mm x 127mm x 44.50mm (9.5" x 5.0" x 1.75")
Counters Type: Quadrature and Conventional (x1, x2, x4) 
Channels: 4
Inputs: Phase A=/A-, Phase B+/B-, Index ±
Resolution: Fixed 32-bit or as Sized by Modulo Register
Count Modes: Quadrature, Up/Down, Period/Frequency, Modulon
De-Bounce Times (Programmable): 16 Steps from 500 ns to 25 ms; positive or negative edge sensitive; glitch detect mode or de-bounce mode 
Time-Base Accuracy: 50 ppm
Receiver Type: Quad Differential Receiver
Configuration: Each Channel Consists of Phase A input, Phase B input and Index input; each input switch selectable as single-ended or differential 
Differential: Phase A, Phase B and Index (+) inputs at user connector routed to (=) inputs of differential receiver. Phase A, Phase B and Index (-) inputs at user connector routed to (-) inputs of differential receiver. 
Single-Ended: Phase A, Phase B and Index (+) inputs at user connector routed to (+) inputs of differential receiver. Phase A, Phase B and Index (-) inputs at user connector routed to ground. (-) Inputs of differential receiver routed to +3 Volt reference
Common Mode Input Voltage Range: ±12 Volts Max 
Differential Input Voltage Range: ±12 Volts Max 
Input Sensitivity: ±200 mV 
Input Hystersis: 50 mV typical
Input Impedance: 12 kΩ minimum 
Absolute Maximum Input Voltage: Differential, ±14 Volts Max
Triggers Multi-Channel Analog: Level-Sensitive Based on Acquired Data. Up to 16 Channels May be Used as Independant Trigger Sources
Digital Pattern Trigger: Trigger when a User-defined 1 to 16 Bit digital pattern is matched on the DIN0-DIN15 pins. Programmable mask bits. 
Non-Pretrigger Acquisition: 100 ns Typical, 1µs max 
Pretrigger Acquisition: 1 Scan Period Max 
External Trigger Pulse Width: 1µs min 
Internal Trigger Latency: 2 (1/per-channel Sample Rate)
Analog Input
A/D Converters 16-Bit Successive Approximation Type
Number of Channels 8 Differential/16 Single-Ended
Input Ranges ±1 Volts, ±5 Volts, ±10 Volts and ±30 Volts
Input Configuration Multiplexed
Absolute Max Input Voltage CH_x to AGND, ±38 Volt Max (Power ON/OFF)
Input Impedance 30 Volt Range: 1 MΩ (Power ON); 1GΩ (Power OFF) 
All Other Ranges: 10 GΩ (Power ON); 1GΩ (Power OFF)
Input Leakage Current ±100 pA
Input Capacitance 30 Volt Range: 90 pf
10, 5, 1 Volt Range: 55 pf
Max Working Voltage Signal+Common Mode
30 Volt Range: ±30.05 Volts
10, 5, 1 Volt Range: ±10.2 Volts
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 30 Volt Range: 65 db min (fin=60 Hz) 
All Other Ranges: 75 dB min (fin=60 Hz)
Crosstalk DC to 25 kHz, Adjacent Differential Mode Channels, -80 dB
ADC Resolution 16 Bits
Input Bandwidth 450 kHz Min (All Input Ranges)
Input Coupling DC
Warm-up Time 30 Minutes Minimum
Absolute Accuracy 0.07% FSR (All Ranges)
Noise 2 LSB rms (Differential Mode)
Digital Input
Input Type Industrial
Input Voltage Range 0 to 30 Volts
Input Characteristics Resistor Divider 39.2 kΩ Series Resistor and 10 kΩ Shunt Resistor Connected to IGND
Max Input Voltage Level 0 to 36 Volts (Power ON/OFF)
Input Voltage Threshold Minimum High Level: 10.04 Volts Max
Maximum Low Level: 3.85 Volts Minimum
Event Logging Change of State, Pattern Recognition, Event Time Stamped Using Real Time Clock
Isolation 500 Volts DC Minimum
Digital Output
Number of Outputs 1
Type Mechanical Relay, NEC ED2/EF2 Series
Relay Contact Configuration: 1 Form C
Resistance: 0.075 Ω
Operate Time: 3 mS (Excluding Bounce)
Release Time: 2 mS (Excluding Bounce)
Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ at 500 VDC
Switching Voltage: 220 Volts DC/250 Volts AC
Switching Current: 1.0 Amps
Carrying Current: 2.0 Amps