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184 G1 Shock Data Logger with LCD Display

184 G1 Shock Data Logger with LCD Display



Testo Humidity Recording Device with Direct USB Connection and PDF Readout


  • Measure and Record Shock, Temperature and Humidity, View Realtime Date on the Display
  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical or Cold Chain Logistics
  • Battery Life up to 500 Days and Can Store up to 64,000 Readings
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for Easy Access to Documentation with a Compatible Device
  • Requires Adobe Reader Version X or Later for Configuration and Readout


Shock Measuring Range: 0 to 27 g (0 to 265 m/s2
Accuracy: ±0.1 g + 5% of Remaining Measurement Value (±1 /1/1 m/s2)
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Temperature Probe Type: Internal NTC Temperature Sensor
Measuring Range: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) 
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (0°C to 70°C); ±0.9°F (32°F to 158°C)
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Humidity Probe Type: Internal Capacitive Humidity Sensor
Measuring Range: 0 to 100% RH 
Accuracy: ±1.8% RH +3% of m.v. at 25°C (5 to 80% RH), ±0.03%RH (0 to 60°C, 32 to 140$deg;F
Resolution: 0.1% RH
Operating Range Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage Range Temperature: -55°C to 70°C (-67°F to 158°F)
Data Storage Capacity 64,000 Temperature/Humidity and 1,000 Shock Measurement Readings/Samples
Sampling Rate 1 Minute to 24 Hours (User-Selectable)
Alarm Visual LED and LCD
Battery Replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery
Battery Life Up to 120 Days
Standards Compliance IP30, EN12830, GxP, IOS 9001:2008, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and HACCP International Compliant
Software Requirements Adobe Reader Software (Version X or Later) is Required
Weight 45g  (1.6 oz)
Dimensions 44mm x 12mm x 97mm (1.7" x 0.47" x 3.8")