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8590-9 and 8690-A Data Acquisition Modules

8590-9 and 8690-A Data Acquisition Modules

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Data acquisition module with 9 inputs, 2 outputs for RS232, Ethernet, Analog. Memory with external connector and micro SD card or internal 512-KB EEPROM (option S)
•Data acquisition module
•9 measuring inputs
•Memory with external connector and micro SD card
•Internal memory 512-kb EEPROM (Option S)
•Two outputs, USB, RS232, Ethernet, Analog


•9 input sockets, electrically isolated, for 9 ALMEMO® sensors, 36 sensor channels, 4 additional internal function channels.
•2 output sockets for digital interfaces, analog output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card.
•High-speed, high-resolution A/D converter, 24-bit, 50 measuring operations per second. New Electrically isolated between measuring inputs and supply.
•Programming of sensor parameters in the connector, can be modified via interface using the supplied AMR-Control software.
•Measuring functions : Measured value, zero-setting, sensor adjustment, maximum / minimum values stored with date, time-of-day, smoothing, average values over time ormeasuring points, limit value monitoring, temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure compensation.
•New Cold junction measuring with 2 NTCs and interpolation Ranges : Pt100 0.000 to 65.000°C, timer 6500.0 seconds.
•New Special ranges in the ALMEMO® connector, provided as standard, e.g. 0.000 to 50.000 ohms, NTC -5.000 to 46.000 °C, YSI 400 etc.
•New Option KL Multi-point calibration, calibration data management, user-defined linearization.
•5 LEDs for indicating various operating states.
•Data logger with memory connector and micro SD card, recording in standard FAT16 file format, transmission to PC using card reader.
•Option : EEPROM with capacity for 100,000 measured values, internally configurable as linear or ring memory.
•Sleep mode for long-term recording.
•Device programming using the supplied AMR-Control software, i.e. date and time-of-day, cycle, start and end of measuring, measuring rate, etc.
•Key for switching on, start / stop measuring.
•Variant with rechargeable battery system, 8 AA-type NiMH batteries, high-speed charging.
•New Device software update via interface.
•New Trigger variants, process control using command macros.