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cSense CO2 + RH/T Monitor w. Relay

cSense CO2 + RH/T Monitor w. Relay

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The cSense continuously displays carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels so you can monitor the quality of air in your home, office, or factory. Just plug it in – the cSense turns on instantly, is self-calibrating, and is designed to last for years.

In addition to monitoring levels, the cSense has both a user-configurable 80dB alarm and a relay output. The normally-open relay closes when CO2 reaches the pre-set low level to turn on a CO2 generator or similar devices.

Unlike chemical gas sensors that last for months and must be replaced, the non-dispersive infrared diffusion CO2 sensor (NDIR) in the cSense provides the following benefits:
Sensitive & accurate – information you can act on
Self-calibrating – no need to send the monitor in for re-calibration
Manual calibration important for gardening with supplemental CO2
No moving parts – nothing to break or wear out
Does not loose accuracy in heat or cold
No over-exposure or negative memory effects


CO2 Range: 0 – 9,999 ppm
CO2 Accuracy: ± 50ppm ±5% reading value
Alarm: Loud 80DB configurable buzzer
Relay (Screw terminal): 1A @ 30VDC or .5A @ 120VAC Normally Open
Temperature Range: +14 to +140F (-10 to +60C)
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9 F (±0.6 C)
Humidity Range: 0.1% to 99.9% RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±5% RH
Power Consumption: 12VDC (±10%) >50mA)
Display: Temperature, Humidity and CO2
Data Logging capabilities while tethered to PC via RS232 interface and software
Size: 130x85x60mm
Weight: 7.05 oz (200g)

110/220 VAC Wall Adapter
User’s Manual

Optional Accessories
%RH Calibration Kit

1 year