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DEWE-201 Dynamic Logger

DEWE-201 Dynamic Logger



DEWE-201 Dynamic Logger

Only 286 x 210 x 88 mm and less than 4 kg - the DEWE-201 is an impressive high-performance DYNAMIC data logger. An internal 4 GB Flash-disk stores acquired data, a 30 GB 'automotive' hard-disk is also available as an option. Like all Dewetron systems, the DEWE-201 is a rugged, all-metal PC instrument with high quality plug-in signal conditioning, an internal A/D card, and great software. Because it's a regular computer running Windows XP, you can load whatever software you like. It has a DVD-CD-RW drive as standard, so you can burn gigabytes of data to inexpensive media in minutes. Or use the standard Ethernet or USB 2.0 interfaces to transfer data to another computer.


Using the built-in Ethernet interface, the DEWE-201 can be connected to other PCs or Notebooks. Or, several DEWE-201 can be connected together for distributed multi-channel applications. The DEWE-201 can therefore be used as a stand-alone FAST data logger, or as a networked data acquisition instrument.

Processor Power


The integrated Pentium® M CPU offers enough calculating power to do even complex online-mathematics. Each of up to 16 input channels can be sampled individual from 1 up to 500 kS/s, with 16-bit resolution. The input channels can be configured for voltage / current, ICP®, bridge and strain gage measurements. For DSA applications (Dynamic Signal Analysis), an alternative A/D converter with 24-bit resolution, more than 110 dB dynamic and 200 kS/S per channel is available as an option. In addition to digital input and counter / encoder channels, up to several hundred quasi-static channels are available (e.g. for temperature measurements).

Analog is just the beginning!


Further data sources like GPS and CAN-bus can be acquired synchronized with analog and digital data. This features are powered by DEWESoft, a data acquisition software which displays and stores data continuously and/or triggered with pre- and post information.

The system has been verified according to several EN standards. For extreme applications, a wide temperature range from -20 °C to +50 °C has been proven.

The new DEWE-201 fits perfectly into any mobile application, where fast (and slow) data acquisition is required. To name just some examples: brake test in vehicles, mobile shock- and vibration tests, fault recorder, high-speed data logger, and many more.