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DEWE-501 Dynamic Logger

DEWE-501 Dynamic Logger



DEWE-201 Dynamic Logger

Made for the bumps and bruises of on-road recording, the DEWE-501 is a high-performance DYNAMIC data logger. It is powered from VDC of course, but in addition will run for more than an hour from its own internal batteries -- so it is immune to the problems caused by engine cranking and battery change-overs so common the in-vehicle recording applications.

501_battery.jpgbattery door open

An internal 30 GB 'automotive' hard-disk ensures data integrity under all operating conditions. The DEWE-501 is a ruggedized, all-metal PC instrument with high quality MDAQ series signal conditioning, an internal A/D card, and great software. Because it's a regular computer running Windows XP, you can load whatever software you like. Use the standard Ethernet or USB 2.0 interfaces to transfer data to another computer.

Using the built-in Ethernet interface, the DEWE-501 can be connected to other PCs or Notebooks. Or, several DEWE-501 can be connected together for distributed multi-channel applications. The DEWE-501 can therefore be used as a stand-alone FAST data logger, or as a networked data acquisition instrument.


Up to 64 analog channels!

DEWE-201-3.jpgADAP adapters

We can install up to FOUR MDAQ modules into each DEWE-501. And each MDAQ has 16 channels, so that means up to 64 channels. MDAQ modules are available for voltage, strain gage, and accelerometers. And now with our ADAP series "Smart Adapters," you can convert certain MDAQ inputs to other types. For example, if you have the MDAQ-SUB-BR or STG with the DSUB connectors, there are ADAP's which can be plugged into any channel that will convert it to:

  • Voltage (up to 200V)
  • Thermocouple (J or K now available)
  • ICP/IEPE/constant current accelerometer input any of your channels can be any of those types! It is a whole new level of flexibility and modularity for the MDAQ series.

Please see the configuration page which follows for complete details about creating your own DEWE-501