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DriveRight 600 Automotive Data Logger

DriveRight 600 Automotive Data Logger



Davis Instruments Recorder to Monitor Vehicle & Driver Safety


  • Displays Time, Distance, Top Speed and Average Speed
  • Audible Alarms for Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration Alerts Drivers
  • Accident Logs are Created whenever there is a Sudden Deceleration
  • Memory Stores 600 Trips and 10 Accident Logs
  • Prevent Unauthorized Changes to Data and Alarm Thresholds


Speed Displays: Current Speed in MPH or km/h
Records: Total Time Speed Exceeded the Limit
Accuracy: ±1%
Acceleration/Deceleration Displays: In G's (and Acceleration of 22MPH/sec or 35 km/h/sec)
Records: Number of times Acceleration and Deceleration Exceeded set Limit per Trip
Accuracy: ±5%
Alarms Audible Alarm: For Exceeding Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration Limits (Can be Turned off via Fleet Management Software)
Visible Alarm Message: For Exceeding Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration Limits
Code Entry Reminder Alarm: Requires Fleet Management Software to Set
Distance Displays: Total Distance Traveled during Trip in Miles or Kilometers
Records: Overall Distance
Specifies Miles as: Business, Personal, Commuting, or Other
Accuracy: ±1%
Time/Date Displays: Current Date in Month:Day or Day:Month Format and Current Time in 12 or 24 Hour Format
Records: Start and End Time of Each Trip as well as Total Time
Accuracy: ±2 Seconds/Day
Accident Logs Records: Speed of Vehicle 20 Seconds Before and After Deceleration Limit Exceeded, Up to 10 Separate Accident Logs, Last 20 Seconds of the last 20 Trips
Sensor Type OBDII Input, VSS Input or Rugged Reed Switch Sensor with Magnet for Mounting on Vehicle Driveshaft (Rear Wheel Drive or CV Jiont (Front Wheel Drive)
Device Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Display Operating Temperature -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)
NOTE: LCD May Not Operate a Temperature Extremes but the Device still Records Trip Information
Primary Power 11 to 18 Vdc (12 Vdc Nominal) 6-25mA
Secondary Power 3-Volt CR123A Lithium Battery (Included)
Battery Operating Time 260 Hours when Disconnected from Vehicle (Up to 4 Months in Sleep Mode)
Memory 64KB (600 Trips and 10 Accident Logs)
Computer Interface Serial, 1/8-inch Stereo Phone Adapter
Digital Inputs 2 Inputs (Input 1: Green Wire, Input 2: Yellow Wire)
Input Impedance >1 Megohm
High Input Range 3 Vdc Minimum, System Voltage Maximum
Low Input Range -0.5 Vdc Minimum to 1.0 Vdc Maximum
Input 1 Sampling Start and Stop of Trip, GPS Record, Accident Log
Input 2 Sampling Start and Stop of Trip, GPS Record
Fuses 3AG, 0.25A, Slo-Blo (1 1/4" x 1/4")
Display Type Transflective LCD with Backlight
Lamp Illuminated Display
Display Mounting Options Visor Clip for Mounting on Visor or Door Pockets
Double-Sided Tape for Mounting on Dashboard and other Surfaces
Velcro with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Mounting on Dashboard and other Surfaces
Mounting Bracket with Right Angle Adapter for Special Mounting Needs
Security 4 Digit Password Protects Settings and Data. Tamper Indicator Message Appears if unit is Disconnected or if Wrong Security Password is entered 5 Times. Tamper Logs Store Date and Time of last 10 Tamper Alerts as well as Time and Date of each Disconnect