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GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter

GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter



GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter

The GPRSLink provides simple telemetry anywhere. GPRSLink has two purposes:
(1) To collect and store data from meteorological and hydrological sensors,
and (2) To send that data wirelessly to a central system, phone or other station.

GPRSLink includes a quad band GSM cell phone modem that can operate when the unit is
within range of a cell phone network of companies like AT&T and T?Mobile.


  • Easy-to-use Software includes setup program.
  • Terminal strip with screw terminals for I/O and power connections
  • Operates 8-16VDC
  • TCXO real-time clock with battery backup (+/-4ppm)
  • Built-in solar panel regulator
  • Support for up to 16 measurements of the following inputs:
    • •      SDI-12/RS485 (shared as is done in the Bubbler)
    • •      5 Analog inputs:
      •           1. Two (2) single ended inputs (range 0-5V)
      •           2. Two (2) differential inputs (range +/-39mv, +/-312mV, +/-2.5V) 3. One (1) 4-20mA input
    • •      2 digital inputs. They can be used for tipping bucket, frequency, and on/off inputs
    • •      internal temperature
    • •      Battery voltage
  • Options to average or accumulate any measurement.
  • Lightning protection (Gas Tube) on all external inputs.
  • User specified equation on any measurement .
  • User specified alarm detection on any measurement.
  • 2 LED for verification/diagnostics.
  • Log capacity of 240K of data accessible via GPRS and direct connect
  • Switched Battery Output
  • Also operates as a standalone recorder without Telemetry
  • USB slave for serial connection to PC. THE USB PORT WILL NOT SUPPORT typical USB devices like memory sticks, modems, etc.
  • RealTime Clock operates with internal lifetime battery
  • Telemetry via GPRS
    • 1. Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format (pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII)
    • 2. Support for primary and secondary master stations via GPRS
    • 3. Alarm transmissions as they are detected.
    • 4. Diagnostics to help track of the amount of data being sent and the performance of the telemetry
    • 5. Support for remote commands for data collection, maintenance or control of two on/off devices
    • 6. Optional authentication of incoming messages to insure they are from a trusted source & optional authentication of messages sent to SUTRONWIN via GPRS
    • 7. SMS transmissions if GPRS fails or in place of GPRS
    • 8. Extremely affordable
    • 9. GPRS modems use wireless cellular technology and provide data access in most areas where a typical cell phone works.



Specifications subject to change without notice

Measurement Interval 1 second to 24 hours
Number of Measurements 16 supported
ANALOG 2 Single ended, 2 Differential, 1 4-20ma
Single-Ended Analog 0-5 V (with respect to ground)
Number available 2
Input Range 0 to 5V (with respect to ground)
Resolution 0.298 μV
Noise (p/p) @250C 25.0 μV (p/p)
Accuracy @250C 0.003% (typ) Midscale

0.004% Max

Input Impedence > 1 MegOhm @250C
Differential Analog 0.06%
Number Available 2
Range (SW selectable) ±39mV; Common Mode Voltage Range .3 to 3.9 Volts

±312mV; Common Mode Voltage Range .3 to 3.9 Volts

±2.5V ; Common Mode Voltage Range .1 to 4.9 Volt

Resolution 4.657 nV @ ±39mv scale, 37.25 nV @ ±312mv scale,

298 nV @ ±2.5 scale.

Noise (p/p) @250C 10 μV (p/p) ±39 mv / 312 mv scale

20 μV (p/p) ±2.5 v scale


Accuracy @250C

Input Impedance

>5 Meg Ohm 312mV FS Differential @250C
4-20 mA Analog


Accuracy @250C

Loop Power

Loop Resistance

0 – 22mA




100 Ohm built-in load

Digital Input 1,2

Tipping Bucket Type

Switch Contact Type.

Pulse Width: 30ms – 120ms.

Range: DC to 120 tips/min. (min).

Digital Input 1,2

Frequency Type

10KHz max, optional debouncing (300 Hz max)
Minimum Frequency Input Range 2.8 Hz

0 – 5 V

Maximum Frequency 10 KHz
Digital Input 1,2 Counter Type
Maximum Frequency 10 kHz (with no debouncing)
Input Range 300 Hz (with debouncing)

0- 5 Volts

Input Voltage 8-16VDC

10 V minimum for SDI-12 sensor support

Reverse power protected

Current Consumption 0.5mA standby typ (all sensors unpowered) 8 to 20mA active typ
GPRS Transmission  
Power Connection 2 position terminal strip
SDI-12 Port 3 position terminal strip
Red Warning LED Indicates setup or operation error
Green Heartbeat LED Indicates unit operating properly
Earth GND .2” screw terminal
Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Humidity 0-95% Non-condensing
Clock Internal real-time clock w/battery backup.
Accuracy ±9.3 s /month(Max) -40 to +60°C. (First Year)
Accuracy ±2.4 min /year (Max) -40 to +60°C. (First Year)
Accuracy ±4.5 min / 10 years (Max) -40 to +60°C. (10 Years)
Log Capacity 240,000 readings, flash memory
USB Port Connector Serial Communications / USB port
Mini-B Male USB connector on logger to be connected to USB Type-A Male (Windows PC).

LinkComm software included for USB port communications

Internal Solar Panel Battery Charger 5 – 20W Panels. (Max 30 Watts)

Automatic charge & float modes protect gel cell & acid batteries.

GPRS modem

Quad Band GPRS Modem SMA-F Output RF Jack

Modem factory installed, internal with RF output jack for antenna.
1 USB Mini-B Male (5 pin) Connector Serial Communications – USB. Not full function USB port.

GPRS Modem


RS485 (future support)

SDI-12 interface V1.3 compliant recorder
Supports up to 16 SDI-12 sensors

Automatically combines requests to the same device

+12V @ 500mA

DIMENSIONS Operating Shipping


5.3″ (13.5 cm) 14 in. (35.6 cm.)


3.8″ (9.7 cm) 10 in. (25.4 cm.)


1.3″ (3.4 cm) 6 in. (15.3 cm.)


1 lbs. (.46 kg) 2 lbs. (0.9 Kg)