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iSense 1-100% CO2 Sampling Controller Logger Alarm

iSense 1-100% CO2 Sampling Controller Logger Alarm

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CM-0052 100%

The iSense sampling Data Logger is designed for both permanent and temporary installations in industrial settings. It features a built-in gas sampling pump, internal memory for data logging, a relay and outputs for CO2 level control.

To maximize connectivity, the iSense features a M12 (12-pin) connector for RS-485, 4-20mA loop output, a 1A 30VDC (NO/NC/COM) relay and connection to a 24VDC power. These inputs and outputs allow for easy interfacing with existing PLC and RS-485 MODBUS capable data networks. The NEMA 4-rated enclosure makes it suitable for permanent wall-mounted industrial applications.

Inside the iSense is a instrumentation pump connected to two tube ports on the side of the unit. When the unit is operating, the pump draws gas from one tube port and exhaust it from the other. By connecting tubing to the inlet, you can remotely sample gas. By connecting tubing to both ports, you can create a closed-loop system and return the gas back to the original container. This makes the iSense perfect for measuring potentially dangerous high concentrations of CO2 in biological applications, or for small volume head space measurements.

In leak detect mode, the display change colors when CO2 concentrations go over or under a programmable level. This settings can be changed in the software


Process Monitoring and Control
Long-range Data Collection
Temporary Sampling Inspections
Remote Deployment in Industrial Settings
Formal Verification of Processes
Fermentation vats & barrels
Biological incubators
Agricultural storage
CO2 leak detection


CO2 Measurement: non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measurement Ranges:
100% (0-1,000,000 ppm) CM-0052
Sampling Method: Tube sampling (0.5 liters/minute)
Logging interval: 5 seconds to 18 hours
Sensor Life Expectancy: > 15 years
Maintenance Interval: No maintenance required
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50~C
Size: 5.75×5.6×1.3in (146×91×33mm)
Tubing sizes: 3/32 or 1/8"
4-20 mA signal
Relay output; (NC/NO/COM) programmable to control or alarm CO2 concentration
USB weather proof connection
10,000 hour pump

Accessories Included
1- 6' USB Cable
1- M12, 12 Position 5M Cable (CM-0127)
1- Fitting, Tubing & Filter Kit
1- Extreme Conditions Moisture Trap & Filter (CM-0103)

24 VDC

System Requirements for Data Logging or Changing Defaults
Windows XP SP3 or higher
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
Pentium 4 (or newer) operating at 2.4 Ghz or faster
1 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM)
Hard Disk Space with at least 20 Megabytes (MB) free (200+MB recommended for longs and application files)

12 Pin RS-485 Cable with Power (CM-0182)

1 Year