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K-33 ELG CO2 Data Logger Sensor Development Kit

K-33 ELG CO2 Data Logger Sensor Development Kit

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CO2, Temperature, %RH
Rapid Application Development for Researchers, Engineers

The K-33 ELG Devkit includes a K-33 ELG sensor with soldered connectors for UART to USB Bridge cable that provides connectivity, and power connection to universal power supply as well as AA battery pack.the data logging enable/ disable header and jumper is also installed. This allows engineers to use the K-33 ELG in a rapid development, evaluation, or prototyping environment.


Sample Draw Pump Kit
Tube Cap Kit
USB Extension Cable

Electrical / Mechanical Included
6’ (1.8m) USB -UART bridge cable (non-standard)
6VDC universal wall power supply with connector for sensor 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
4x AA battery pack w/ connector for sensor
Current Consumption: 40 mA average

90 days