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LMS Qsources

LMS Qsources



LMS Qsources provides you with a comprehensive suite of advanced vibration testing equipment for noise and vibration testing. LMS Qsources hardware seamlessly integrates with LMS Test.Lab testing software giving you a unique solution combination that exceeds current market standards for productivity, data accuracy and overall customer expectations.

With more than 30 years of experience in noise and vibration technology, LMS Engineeringprovides and develops LMS Qsources vibration testing equipment with input from customers and suppliers. The result is a suite of vibration equipment with real-world application capabilities to meet your product functionality, quality and reliability goals


Miniature Shaker

The LMS Qsources miniature shaker is a vibration exciter that helps you perform accurate structural excitation in a minimum amount of space, providing you an ideal exciter for FRF testing from engine components up to full vehicle.

Integral Shaker

The LMS Qsources integral shaker helps to increase accuracy and productivity in your testing processes. Its compact size, high force and wide frequency range make it efficient for structures such as vehicles, off road equipment and industrial installations.

Thumper Shaker

The LMS Qsources thumper shaker is designed for very low frequency vibration ranges and narrow spaces. The force level makes FRF measurements possible on large structures such as ships, windmills and chemical industry installations as well as with vehicle body flexibility testing.

Miniature Volume Source

The LMS Qsources miniature volume source acquires accurate acoustic FRFs at mid and low frequencies without disturbing the acoustic field. The patented solution offers low frequency sound generation in a compact housing.

Low Mid Frequency Volume Source

The LMS Qsources low mid frequency source is designed for use in the 10 to 1000 Hz frequency band. The source is capable of producing high noise levels for excitation of complete vehicles, and the human torso shape is optimized for seat position applications with the acoustic center at ear location (compliant with ISO 5238).

Mid High Frequency Volume Source

The LMS Qsources mid high frequency source is a general use monopole volume acceleration source with internal reference sensor. The source enables transfer function measurements in the frequency range of 200-10000 Hz, and is in use in many R&D centers in all industry segments.

Measurement Amplifier

The LMS Qsources measurement amplifier meets all requirements necessary to drive your acoustic and structural exciters. A low power analog signal is accurately amplified to get the maximum out of the different shakers and sources.

Sensitivity Measurement Service

The LMS Qsources sensitivity measurement service offering helps you determine the frequency response of the reference sensors used in the structural and acoustic exciters. The service also includes a thorough functionality check of your testing hardware.