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The LMS SCADAS suite of data acquisition systems delivers the data quality and format that you require for all types of noise, vibration and durability measurements in the laboratory or in the field. Depending on your needs, you can use a LMS SCADAS system as an autonomous recorder or as a frontend connected to a personal computer. Seamless integration with LMS Test.Lab and LMS Test.Xpress software helps you accelerate measurement setups and delivers correctly formatted results. LMS SCADAS provides you with best-in-class data acquisition for reliable results and optimal testing productivity.

LMS SCADAS data acquisition systems cover a broad range of engineering applications for all kinds of manufacturing industries and help you develop better products in a shorter timeframe.


  • Added Flexibility with Lab Mobility
  • On-demand Channel and Signal Conditioning
  • Simplified Test Setups
  • Top Performing Growth Investment
  • Superior Data Quality for Effective Testing
  • Optimized Investment and Reliability
  • The Quality Leader in Data Acquisition Systems