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LMS SCADAS Pass-by Noise Hardware

LMS SCADAS Pass-by Noise Hardware



By adding several new hardware components, Siemens PLM Software now offers a one-stop shop for every pass-by noise testing scenario with LMS SCADAS Pass-by Noise Hardware. This pass-by noise testing solution includes all the necessary hardware and software for exterior and interior noise testing and analysis, calibration and maintenance. As a result, testing and engineering teams achieve higher efficiency due to the pass-by noise solution’s scalability and improved ease of use.

Efficiency and ease of use are central to the LMS SCADAS Pass-by Noise Hardware portfolio. Upscaling from track to vehicle configuration or using dual mode are easy to set up. And with LMS Test.Lab software, you can archive, retrieve and compare data and reports in a user-friendly environment.


Complete Hardware Solution

The pass-by noise hardware portfolio offers you a complete set of sensors:

  • Speed radar or GPS speed sensor for vehicle speed
  • Track-based light barriers for position
  • Optical RPM and kick-down sensors
  • Weather station for ambient conditions
  • Wired or wireless microphones to capture noise levels

Pass-by Noise Conditioner Module: Dedicated Signal Conditioning

The Pass-by Noise Conditioner Module is a dedicated two-slot module, especially designed for the LMS SCADAS Mobile product family. The conditioner module guarantees state-of-the-art integrated signal conditioning for high-quality data. All sensors, both on the track and vehicle side, are synchronized using telemetry.

Configuration Options

The LMS SCADAS Pass-by Noise Hardware portfolio supports all types of standard configurations:

  • Track-only testing – Without in-vehicle instrumentation, for quick troubleshooting
  • Track-based testing – Pass-by noise homologation; all sensors measured at or sent to the track system
  • In-vehicle testing – Certification or advanced engineering; all sensors measured in or sent to the vehicle