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LMS Soundbrush

LMS Soundbrush



LMS Soundbrush is the only 3D, real-time testing solution that combines 3D sound intensity with sound source localization. These capabilities make it a unique solution for accurate, fast and intuitive acoustic troubleshooting that allows you to visualize exactly what you hear. The acoustic troubleshooting solution provides detailed, immediate results for easy identification of noise sources including sound intensity values, sound propagation directions and sound power values. The automatic position detection and the real-time visualization of the 3D sound field make LMS Soundbrush a unique tool.

Functionally unique, LMS Soundbrush offers user-friendly, easy setup and plug-and-play features, bringing unmatched user comfort and efficiency to acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization. No time is lost setting up or handling the system, which allows you to fully focus on solving your specific acoustic problems.

LMS Soundbrush is a compact, all-in-one solution. There is no need for additional measurement hardware or analysis software. The sound source solution set neatly fits in a handheld travel case, making it very portable and allowing you to easily start your acoustic troubleshooting process.


Plug-and-play Hardware

The LMS Soundbrush probe is the core of the system and allows plug-and-play combinations with a sound pressure microphone or a 3D intensity sensor. You can simply click the antenna with the acoustic sensor onto the probe, plug the USB probe and camera into your PC and immediately begin measuring sound.

Real-time, 3D Acoustic Troubleshooting Software

LMS Soundbrush software offers real-time sound visualization of the 3D sound field. The acoustic troubleshooting software follows an intuitive workflow that guides you through logical steps from setup to reporting. Powerful 3D data representation gives you a quick and accurate interpretation of the measured data.

Acoustic Troubleshooting Applications

LMS Soundbrush provides new ways to look at acoustic sources and propagation with unequalled ease of use. The acoustic visualization solution contains multipurpose acoustic troubleshooting tools that can be used in a variety of industries – from white goods and consumer electronics to automotive and automotive suppliers.