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Portable Indoor Air Quality Meter / Data Logger

Portable Indoor Air Quality Meter / Data Logger



Extech Logger for CO2, Temperature, RH, Dew Point Monitoring Part Number: CO250



  • Checks for CO2 Concentrations in Range of 0 to 5,000ppm
  • Calculates TWA and STEL Statistical Weighted Averages
  • Maintenance Free Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 Sensor
  • User Programmable Audible Alarm, Backlit Triple LCD Display
  • Built-in RS-232 Interface for Logging Data tp PC




CO2 Range: 0 to 5,000 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm
Temperature Range: 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Resolution: 0.1°F/°C
Humidity Range Range: 10% to 99.9%
Resolution: 0.1%
Wet Bulb / Dew Point Calculated
Power Source 4 AA batteries - User Replaceable
Standards Compliance CE
Weight 6.7oz (190 grams)
Dimensions 7.9" x 2.8" x 2.2" (200mm x 70mm x 57mm)