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SDI-12 Shaft Encoder 56-0540

SDI-12 Shaft Encoder 56-0540



Measures stage (level) of rivers, streams, reservoirs, & other bodies of water.


  • Revolves one rotation of the 5/16 in. input shaft into 400 increments
  • Low power (less than 2.5mA from a 12VDC supply @ 2.5 rev/sec)
  • Uses solid state, low power optical sensor technology Low starting torque (less than 0.25 ounce/inch)
  • Surge protected
  • Externally accessible, internal back-up battery. Can use standard AA battery.
  • Accepts commands and returns data in the industry standard SDI-12 format, allowing it to interface with dataloggers that have SDI-12 communications ports such as the Xpert Datalogger
  • User selectable resolution.
  • User specified scaling (Does not require specific circumference wheel).
  • User selectable direction for increasing counts (CW or CCW).
  • 32 bit resolution counter.
  • Range limited by SDI-12 to 7 digits. With 2 decimal place resolution, +99999.99. With 3 decimal place resolution, +9999.999.
  • Programmable rate of change tracking. Factory default 2.5 rev/sec.
  • Built-in 2 line by 8 character LCD display with backlight
  • Internal back-up battery voltage readable via SDI-12
  • Excessive shaft speed indicated on display.
  • Display turned on by depressing “DISPLAY” button
  • Display is continuously update with current value.
  • Communications interfaces: SDI-12, SDI-12 protocol over RS-485, RS-232
  • Double bearing design to support up to 10 lbs on the shaft.


  • Input Voltage
7 to 16 VDC over voltage and reverse voltage protected
  • Power Consumption
  • Starting Torque
< 0.25 inch-ounce
  • Shaft Diameter
5/16 inch with both threads and a flat
  • Rotation Resolution
400 count per revolution
  • Counter Resolution
32 bit
  • Reported Resolution
User selectable Range 7 decimal digits (examples: ±99999.99 or ±9999.999)
  • Display
2 line, 8 character per line with backlight Backup Battery AA size, 1.5V or 3.6V accepted
  • Bearing Supports
Double bearing arrangement supports up to 10 lb. shaft load
  • Supported Wheels
User specifies wheel size – no required circumference
  • Support Units
User specified
  • Rotation Speed
User specified – factory default 2.5 rev/s
  • Maximum Rotation Speed
5 rev/s
  • Temperature Range
-40ºC to +60ºC (Display viewable -20ºC to +60ºC)
  • Communication Interfaces
SDI-12, RS-232, SDI-12 protocol over RS-485 (on -DT unit)
  • SDI-12 Support
V1.3 – will work with V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, and V1.3 dataloggers