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SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Interface

SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Interface



A simple and compact SDI-12 Interface to convert any Tipping bucket into a ‘smart SDI-12 sensor’ that can compute daily & annual accumulation. The SDI-TB has an internal backup power source and can be programmed to compensate for heavy rainfall.


  • Improved Reliability

The SDI-TB is compact and can be easily mounted inside most tipping buckets. This eliminates the need for long wires (from the tipping bucket to the SDI logger) susceptible to noise,

  • Programmable Daily and annual resets

The SDI-TB has an internal RTC that can be used to automatically compute yearly and daily accumulations.

  • Rechargeable Backup Power

The SDI-TB can run off its internal rechargeable backup power in case SDI power is lost. All crucial functions of the SDI-TB, like measuring rainfall and the internal RTC can run for up to 10 hours without SDI-12 power.

  • Smart Sensor Compensation

The SDI-TB can be programmed to compensate for rainfall lost due to heavy rainfall rates especially when using a tipping bucket without a siphon.

  • Low Power

The SDI-TB draws about 100μA and has been optimized to run on a shoe-string power budget.

  • Compact Rugged, Water Resistant

The SDI-TB is compact and encapsulated in a water-resistant epoxy compound for installations


Enclosure Potted enclosure for humid environments
Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 2 inches
Weight ~75 gms
Temperature -40C to +60C
Connector 5 pin connector
Input Voltage 4v – 20v DC
Internal backup power run time 10 hours
Internal backup power charge time ~18 hours
Internal backup power charging current 25mA (fully discharged) to 100μA (fully charged)
Quiescent Current 100 μA @12v (once fully charged)
Protocol SDI-12 v1.3 (SDI communication will be disabled when running off internal backup power)