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The Hard Disk Logger with incorporated a Standard 40 GB Hard Disk

The Hard Disk Logger with incorporated a Standard 40 GB Hard Disk



The Hard Disk Logger with incorporated a Standard 40 GB Hard Disk

Graphtec's original technology permits ultra high-speed sampling (1μ simultaneously on 8 ch) and direct data acquisition to a hard disk for extended measurement sessions.

High-Speed and Simultaneous Sampling Inputs

Stable measurement thanks to multi-channel, high-speed, and simultaneous sampling. Realizes data acquisition without time delays between channels.


Insulated Multifunction Inputs for All Channels

llows combined use of voltage, voltage/temperature, strain and frequency amplifiers based on the measurement target. Insulated inputs ensure worry-free measurements.


Easy PC Connection through LAN and USB

Standard configuration provides a USB interface for easy PC linking, LAN interface for remote acquisition, and a PCMCIA card slot (Type II).


Bundled PC software

Bundled PC application software allows viewing of waveforms in real-time through USB and LAN interfaces.


Plug-in Amplifiers


Model Name
High-speed Voltage amp for GL1100 GL11-HSVAMP
Voltage amp for GL1000 GL10-VAMP
Voltage/Temperature amp for GL1100 GL11-MAMP
Voltage/Temperature amp for GL1000 GL10-MAMP
DC strain amp for GL1100 GL11-DCBAMP
DC strain amp for GL1000 GL10-DCBAMP
F/V amp for GL1000 GL10-FVAMP


Optional Accessories

Item Model Name Specification
Monitor B-534  
Monitor Cable set B-506 One 225-mm cable to mount the monitor at the
front of the main unit
One 1-m cable for detached monitor use
Additional memory for GL1000-16 B-509 1 MW / channel
Additional memory for GL1000-8 B-510 1 MW / channel
12VDC drive B-505  
100-mm Printer B-535  
Cable to connect main units together B-515 Length : 1-m
For GL1000 synchronize function
Logic probe set RIC-10 No. of input channels : 4