Transmitter SL3-XMTR-1

Transmitter SL3-XMTR-1



SatLink3 Transmitter SL3-XMTR-1

The SL3-XMTR-1 Transmitter offers a reliable and low-cost method of adding GOES satellite transmission capability to almost any Data Logger. SL3-XMTR transmits the buffer contents of a data logger to one of many Environmental Satellites for which it is certified. Different operating modes are available ranging from logger control of transmitter setup to scheduling the logger to send a buffer to the transmitter using RS-232 or USB connections. The Transmitter automatically selects the proper RF output power based on antenna selection made by the user. This Transmitter supports the NESDIS GOES 300 and 1200 bps formats as well as formats of other Environmental Satellites orbiting the globe. The Transmitter itself is built upon Sutron’s 35-year legacy of rugged and reliable GOES Satellite Transmitters. The XMTR provides the user with the highest reliability and leading performance metrics coupled with very flexible programming including scheduled and alarm transmissions. Additionally the transmitter is NESDIS-certified from -40°C to 70°C for all extreme applications demanding long term survivability.


Size Very small size (3.8 in. x 6.4 in. x 1.5 in.) for easy installation
NESDIS Certification NESDIS GOES CS2.0 Certified
Cost & Flexibility Low cost transmitter works with dataloggers from various manufacturers
Data Communications Serial Communications over USB port or RS-232 ports. Micro-B USB connector on the transmitter designed to be connected to USB Type-A on Windows PC. Sutron provides ‘LinkComm’ software for handling communications over the USB port.
GUI Interface for intuitive programming (See LinkComm)
Command-line interface for operation without custom programs
Upgrade firmware via USB port
Expanded operating temperature range -40° to +70° C


SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change without notice 
Size 3.8 in. x 6.4 in. x 1.5 in.
Weight 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Environmental Humidity 0 to 95% Non Condensing
Voltage 9-20 VDC, 1.5A transmitting with 1.25W TX power
Quiescent Measuring  
RF output power 1.25-14 Watts (antenna dependent)
RF output N type (F)
300/1200 BPS Transmission: 1.25 to 14 Watts depending on satellite type & antenna
GPS Input SMA-(F)
RS-232 DB9