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Indoor Air Quality RN400-T2PM-RG23

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RN400-T2PM-RG23 is designed to measure indoor air quality. It uses the laser scattered technology to get the PM information , NDIR and MEMS technology for CO2 and TVOC. All the IAQ information are transferred to the destination cia WiFi connection. The destination would be an information system such as public cloud, local server and even PC. For high level security, it supports up to WPA2-Enterprise protocol. Premium RN400 T2 series have IP65 for protection, OLED screen for cold outdoor, F-RAM memory for instant backup and micro-SD card for CSV backup.




Communication Method

  • 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n up to WPA2-Enterprise
  • HTTP Get/Post (Radionode V2 protocol)

Particle Sensor ChannelInfo.

CH1: PM2.5(ug/m3)     CH2: PM10(ug/m3)          CH3: TVOC (ug/m3)
CH4: CO2 (ppm)          CH5: Temp.                      CH6: RH (%)
CH7: TVOC(ppb)          CH8: PM 0.5 ( #/cm3)

Particle Size

 ~10.0μm (PM 0.5~PM 10.0)

Flow Rate

0.3L / min

Sampling Mode


PM0.5 : 0.3μm ~ 0.5μm

PM1.0 : 0.3μm ~ 1.0μm

PM2.5 : 0.3μm ~ 2.5μm

PM4.0 : 0.3μm ~ 4.0μm

PM10.0 : 0.3μm ~ 10μm

CO2 Sensor

Type : Photo acoustic NDIR

CO2 : 400 ~ 2000ppm (±50 ppm)

Calibration : Auto/Manual

TVOC Sensor

Type  :Metal Oxide MEMS

TVOC : 56~13800 ug/m3 ( ±15 %)(60~13,000ppb)

Mass Concentration Accuracy

  • 0to100μg/m³            ±10μg/m³
  • 100to1,000μg/m³      ±10%³

Operating Condition



Display Type(Color)


Sensing Interval

1min, 5mins, 10mins, 20mins, 30mins

Sending Interval

5mins, 10mins, 20mins, 30mins, 40mins, 60mins

Internal Memory


(Automatic Sample Backup available when no wifi)


External Memory

Option(16GB microSD,Permanent logging)

Data Storage

Cloud Storage in Radionode365


Rubber Gasket Surrounded except air inlet & outlet


12 V DC Power Only

(Max Power consumption :72mA@12VDC)

Wall Mount Types

Magnet & ScrewHole


Bottom side of the product