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i::scan - the new miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe will revolutionize online water quality monitoring: From very cost sensitive applications down to highly resolved “Smart Water Grids”, in small unmanned plants, or even in single building protection. The new i::scan combines the high performance of a multi wavelength spectrophotometer with even lower costs than simple photometers!


  • s::can plug & measure
  • turbidity: measurement according to EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027, 90° scattering (35 mm path length)
  • new light emitting technology
  • no consumables, no moving parts
  • special, non-fouling optical window material
  • low power consumption (less than 1 W typical)
  • dual-beam compensated optics
  • optional automatic cleaning compressed air (InSitu, only for version -075 with fixed cable) or autobrush
  • multiple versions for multiple applications
  • long term stable, 100 % corrosion free
  • plug connection or fixed cable
  • 5000 hours maintenance free operation
  • mounting and measurement directly in the media (in situ) or in flow cell
  • can be mounted directly in a mains pipe / pressure pipe
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can Software