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Silicon Pyranometer

Silicon Pyranometer



Silicon Pyranometer designed for field measurements in solar, meteorological, forestry, agricultural & hydrological studies.


Designed for field measurements in solar, agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological studies

  • Used extensively in solar energy studies for site evaluations and monitoring, passive system analysis, irrigation scheduling and other environmental studies.
  • Patterned after the work of Kerr, Thurtell and Tanner, and calibrated against Eppley PSP under natural daylight conditions
  • Features a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a fully cosine-corrected miniature head
  • Can be mounted in any plane without affecting performance
  • In clear unobstructed daylight conditions compares favorably with first class thermopile type pyranometers, but is priced at a fraction of the cost
  • Spectral response does not cover full range of solar spectrum (error induced – <±5% – under most conditions of natural daylight)
  • Includes a millivolt adapter (604 precision resistor) to convert milliamp output to millivolts
  • Includes anodized aluminum base with stainless steel leveling screws and a weatherproof spirit level
  • Should only be used to measure unobstructed daylight (conditions of calibration). Not to be used under vegetation, artificial lights, in green houses, or for reflected solar radiation.


  • Range
400 to 1100 nm
  • Accuracy
Calibrated against an Eppley Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP) under natural daylight conditions. Error under most of these conditions is < 5%, typical ±5%.
  • Sensitivity
Typically 90 µA per 1000 W/m2
  • Linearity
Maximum deviation of 1% up to 3000 W/m2
  • Stability
< ± 2% change over one-year period
  • Response Time
10 µs
  • Temperature Dependence
± 0.15% per °C maximum
  • Cosine Correction
 Cosine corrected up to 80° angle of incidence
  • Azimuth
 < ±1% error over 360° at 45° elevation
  • Tilt
No error induced from orientation
  • Operating Temperature
-40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
  • Relative Humidity
0% to 100% RH
  • Detector
High stability silicon photovoltaic detector (blue enhanced)
  • Sensor Housing
Weatherproof anodized aluminum case with acrylic diffuser and stainless steel hardware
  • Size
2.38 cm Dia x 2.54 cm H (0.94 in. x 1.0 in.)
  • Weight
28 g (1 oz)
  • Cable Length
3m (10ft) standard