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Thunderstorm Detector

Thunderstorm Detector



Thunderstorm Detector

A complete solution to single-site thunderstorm warning requirements, with no reliance on external detection networks or continued subscription costs.

The Thunderstorm Detector’s major advantage is that it detects all types of lightning – both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud – which is not always the case for detectors using radio frequency methods.

The detector is sensitive to all forms of lightning (cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud etc.) and provides accurate range estimation for lightning up to 83 km 51 miles) away. Storm direction is also available if combined with the optional direction finding module. Output is updated every 2 seconds and can be displayed on computer or warnings indicated directly via optional relays. Users can customize the distance for up to four lightning proximity alerts.

A key advantage of this stand-alone detector is that it is sensitive to the small intra-cloud lightning flashes which can occur before the hazardous cloud-to-ground ones and can be up to ten times as frequent. Detection of these intra-cloud flashes provides a complete account of storm lightning intensity compared to conventional low-frequency radio systems.

The Thunderstorm Detector operates below all forms of radio interference, minimizing false alarms. There are no moving parts to maintain or optical windows to keep clean. In addition to real-time total lightning data, users are alerted to signs of potential overhead thunderstorm development, before the first flash occurs. The sensitivity to these developing storm signals can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Comparison with established lightning detector networks show the sensor detects between 50-250% more flashes within 60 km, mainly due to its sensitivity to weak intra-cloud flashes.


  • Stand-alone, single site lightning detection and ranging system with a maximum range of 83 km (51 miles)
  • Optional direction finding capability
  • Total lightning activity – detects all the flashes in the storm, not just cloud-to-ground
  • Immune to man-made radio interference
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Provides additional warning for overhead thunderstorm development, before the first lightning flash occurs
  • Designed to meet US Federal Aviation Authority performance requirements for aerodrome lightning detectors
  • High lightning detection efficiency with low false alarm rate
  • Customizable thunderstorm proximity alerts


  • Maximum reporting range
83 km (51 miles), reported to nearest 0.01 km
  • Customizable lightning proximity alerts?
Yes, four proximity alert ranges can be chosen between 2-83 km
  • Flash detection efficiency
>95% for all lightning types
  • False alarm rate
  • Flash location accuracy
±5 km between a range of 0-20 km and ±10 km between 20-83 km
  • Flash types detected and ranged
All types – cloud-to-ground (CG), intra-cloud (IC), cloud-to-cloud (CC)
  • Flash polarity, multiplicity and type reporting?
  • Direction finding
Yes, reported to nearest degree (requires optional module)
  • Update and reporting period
  • Report time of each flash
Yes, to nearest 10ms
  • Maximum detectable flash rate
120 flashes per minute
  • Automatic self-checking
  • Detection method
Passive, quasi-electrostatic (RF for optional direction finder)
  • Operating (listening) frequency
1-47 Hz for the main unit. The optional direction finder receiving band is ~3 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Filter for RF interference
Analog front end with additional digital filtering
  • Additional environmental monitoring
Overhead Cumulonimbus warning via detection of strong electric field and charged precipitation
  • Operating environment
Designed to meet US FAA harsh weather conditions (FAA class 2)
  • Temperature
55°C to +60°C
  • Relative humidity
5% to 100% condensing
  • Wind
Up to 85 kt (44m/s)
  • Power supply
110-240V AC supply
  • Power consumption
  • IP rating
  • Connections
Ethernet (default) or RS422 / RS485
  • External indicators
Status LED
  • Interface
Computer, with option for additional relay outputs (x3)
  • Visualization software
Included for use on PC computer systems
  • Weight
23 Kg
  • Installation site
Outdoors only, no overhead obstructions